Rates & Policies

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First Session:

All families must complete an Intake Form before you arrive for the first session. 

All sessions are videotaped to provide the best documentation of what occurred during sessions, and includes recommendations that can be reviewed at home. Carla usually sends the video recordings of each session to you via WeTransfer.com within a week after the sessions.


$50 per 15-minute.

Session length is dependent on the specific learning needs of your child, a standard session can vary from 30 minutes ($100), 45 minutes ($150), and 60 minutes ($200)

Carla finds it most beneficial to see a child twice per day over several sequential days; however, frequency depends on the child’s learning issues, family finances, and the logistics of travel and scheduling. For families traveling long distances to seek ABM sessions, we suggest scheduling several sessions at a time in sequence for several days.

If you have any questions about how many appointments you will need, please feel free to call  (703) 598-3168 or send a message.

Appointments can be booked and managed online

Payment Methods

Cash or checks. We do not accept credit cards

Insurance Filing

Carla’s office staff generates invoices with the appropriate Physical Therapy provider information, diagnosis, and procedure codes so you can submit claims to your health insurance company. This documentation allows you to potentially be reimbursed for the charges at whatever level your health insurance policy covers out-of-network PT.

Cancellation Policy

Please make cancellations at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled appointments. Cancellations may incur a $75 surcharge for every appointment scheduled and missed that day. Cancellations made the same day as your appointment for medical reasons, such as your child waking with a fever or having a seizure, will not result in any charge.

Cancellation charges are waived if the child’s appointment(s) are rescheduled within the same week.

Submitting Pictures and Videos of Your Child

Due to privacy concerns, photos and videos are uploaded off-site via our safe and secure portal on WeTransfer or emailed directly to Carla before your appointment.

We will never use a picture of your child on our website or in any marketing materials without your written consent. No picture of a child will ever be exploited in any way. We use pictures of children strictly as positive examples of how ABM helps your child make significant progress in their disability. You are not obligated to do so and will never be pressured to consent.

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