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Provide essential information about your child’s needs and history to personalize their therapy journey. Sending 1-2 recent photos and video clips of your child moving is a helpful preview before your first session.

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Your First Visit

From the moment you step through the front door of my home practice, I want you and your child to feel a profound sense of ease and comfort. This sacred space is intentionally crafted to provide a nurturing cocoon for self-discovery.

You’ll notice thoughtful touches throughout that make the room feel like a respectful extension of your own living spaces.

As you make your way further inside, you and your child will be invited into the practice room. This is the creative oasis where the true magic happens through guided movement, touch, and playful exploration.

This nurturing setting becomes the ideal canvas for me to attune to your child’s unique wavelength and interests. With patience and care, I’ll engage them in novel experiences that illuminate new neural pathways in the most delightful ways.

Prepare to leave any preconceived notions at the door. This is a space of “beginners mind” – where limitations are eagerly shed and we approach every session with fresh curiosity and enthusiasm for wherever the journey may lead.

Your child’s potential is a vast, unexplored frontier. But from our first visit together, you’ll engage in gently uncovering it amid scenes of warmth, beauty and deep respect for your child’s inner world.

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